2nd Edition of the Academy in Berlin

Posted on Aug 10, 2015

academy berlin quadThe second edition of the Classica Viva Piano Academy has been completed!

It took place in Berlin on July 29th – August 8th, 2015.

This time we had something totally new and exciting: together with individual piano lessons, theory and sight-reading classes we had piano improvisation classes and artistic development seminars.

The Classica Viva is probably the only classical music academy that offers a piano improvisation. In our piano lessons we closely work on many details of the text in order to present it in the most intelligible way. After that, the improvisation class helps to feel freedom to stay within the framework of style and structure, to understand better the composer’s mind and to discover the music from a different angle.

At our artistic development seminars we focused on the questions of perception and finding an appropriate way to present the music. We worked on the right planning of preparation for competitions, building an appropriate repertoire for recitals and competitions, managing rehearsals with orchestras, etc. We analyzed different performances to understand how to do your best on stage.

We were happy to see our students’ excitement and a huge progress during this course!