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The 2018 summer edition of the Academy takes place in the incredible Villa Rospigliosi, situated just next to the Vinci city, the birth place of Leonardo da Vinci.

One of the most beautiful regions in Italy – Tuscany – is well known as a cradle of Italian Renaissance and land of Michelangelo,  Leonardo da Vinci and Dante. Amazing landscapes with vine hills, spicy odours of summer Italian plants, small ancient towns and the famous Uffizi Gallery in Florence attract people from all over the world.

Villa Rospigliosi is located 2km from the hometown of Leonardo da Vinci and just 40km from Florence airport. It is a perfect place for a new musical experience,  opening your creative potential and enlarging your scopes.



The upcoming edition of the Classica Viva Academy provides young musicians a complete set of closely interconnected courses to guarantee the best preparation for a stage performance or competition. Our team shares experience that includes professional skills in various areas, such as playing piano, overcoming stage fright, analyzing and composing music, physical and mental exercises. We invite outstanding musicians and present additional workshops in order to extend the general perception of our students and give them an unforgettable experience.

The 2018 Classica Viva Edition in Italy will be held on August 9th – 19th.

DSC_0118During this period our students will get:

  • 6 individual piano lessons with M.Masycheva and G.Gromov
  • open master class by Riccardo Risaliti
  • 3 workshops “Stage presence”
  • 4 group lessons “Vivid theory”
  • 2 lectures “And There Was Sound: Literature”
  • 2 seminars “And There Was Sound: Music”
  • Gala concert and award ceremony


Piano lessons

At the piano lessons, the winners of numerous competitions Maria Masycheva and Georgy Gromov always use an individual approach to every student. Working out all the details is the key thing for a successful performance; at the same time, taking into consideration our wide concert experience, we also work with young musicians on many things that surprisingly come up on a real concert stage.

As every individual has his or her own way of thinking and responds to metaphors and similes differently we feel it is important to take into account the life experience of our students. An understanding of their character, hobbies and passion allow us to find a key to their personality and thus, to achieve great results.

We believe that playing piano can be easy and natural. Observing and analyzing together, we find the most efficient way for each of our students and motivate them to keep growing professionally and developing their artistic career.


Open master class

The Academy is happy and proud to present an open master class by Riccardo Risaliti. A jury member of hundreds of competitions, professor of the famous Imola school, a musicologist and musical critic with encyclopaedic knowledge, Mr. Risaliti will share his secrets with young promising musicians. He will also give advices on competitions and building a right repertoire for them.


Workshop “Stage presence”

In this edition of the Classica Viva students get the unique chance to work with a wonderful actor Adam Boncz at his workshop “Stage presence”.

Typically, musicians are not taught how to manage negative emotions on stage or how to handle stage fright. While stage fright becomes a real challenge for many musicians, including even experienced performers, they are left face-to-face with their fears and have to deal with them on their own.

To help musicians feel confident on the stage, we created a workshop of acting skills. Adam Boncz will share his acting experience and give students practical skills how to adjust their body and mindset to let the music flow smoothly and freely, which finally leads to a better performance and perception of the audience.


Vivid theory

It is impossible to deeply understand the musical text without analyzing it. A proper understanding of a musical piece directly determines the interpretation.

We have invited a very creative and talented musician Artem Putilov who is able to bring the theory of music to life and present it in a fascinating way. He helps musicians to analyze and interpret the text and to discover how the harmony and structure interacts with the musical image you create while performing.

At our Vivid theory course students do not learn music theory in an abstract way, but always in an applicable way related to their individual repertoire. They will see how an understanding of music theory can help them gain a greater and deeper understanding of the works that they are playing. Thus students will have the opportunity not only to discover new aspects of their pieces, but to immediately apply this knowledge.


Lectures and seminars “And There Was Sound: Literature and Music”

A talented writer Alexey Muzychkin together with his colleague Artem Putilov will give lectures and seminars dedicated to the history of literature and music and their interconnection. You will be able to follow the development of genres and forms during 18-19 centuries, see how they correspond, impact and interact with each other. This allows to understand better the style and special features of each time that every performer can highlight in his interpretation to make it more versatile and interesting.

Thanks to the unique set of interconnected courses our students gain invaluable experience and skills that are useful for their real concert life.


Course price

The course price consists of the course fee and accommodation price. Both can be booked separately, depending on the needs.


Course fee:

500 Euro for application before May 15th

600 Euro for applications after May 16th, 2018

This price includes all of the classes, workshops, master classes, lectures and seminars.

Accommodation, meal and facilities:

Special offer: 650 Euro for 11 days (59 Euro/day)

This includes:

11 nights at Villa Minghetti (arrival on August 9th, departure on August 20th, double/triple rooms available)

meal twice a day (breakfast and dinner)

swimming pool

practice pianos for the whole period of stay


The participants are required to pay a non refundable application fee (100 euro) during the application process, and to pay for the course and accommodation in cash on their arrival.

The special offer for accommodation is not obligatory, but very recommended. In case if a participant opts not to use the accommodation provided by the Academy, he will be responsible for finding hotel, restaurants and practice pianos by himself.

Accompanying people who don’t take part in the course can send a special request to the Academy by email, asking to reserve a place only for accommodation.


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