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In our work, we often notice that a lack of knowledge in the field of music theory, history, and analysis can slow down the students’ progress, and can also lead to a wrong understanding of a musical piece.

That is why we are launching our updated VIVID THEORY online course. It gives the necessary knowledge and skills to bring your performance to a new level. This unique course presents information in an easy and compelling way. It helps you prepare for entrance exams to foreign music schools, colleges, and universities. Thanks to VIVID THEORY you will expand your expertise and your performance will acquire new dimensions.

Working in small groups  with a similar level of competence, our tutor will guide you through the world of music, helping and supporting by creative exercises. Based on your musical pieces, he provides you with the knowledge you can apply for 100% in your performance.

You will get all the necessary working materials, as well as the recorded class sessions that you can see as many times as you want to get familiar with the topic.

As a result, you will:

  • prepare for the exams to foreign schools and universities
  • improve your performance through a deeper understating of musical pieces
  • fundamentally improve your perception
  • learn to compose music and improvise
  • expand your knowledge of music history, theory and analysis

The VIVID THEORY has already helped students from Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Romania, Japan, Korea, Netherlands and Austria. Join them and open new possibilities this online course gives you!


12 facts one cannot ignore

The students who take part in the VIVID THEORY online course:


learn the musical text up to 10 times faster


practice much more efficiently


naturally understand the composer’s ideas


differentiate among various principles of composition


recognize stylistic peculiarities of different musical eras


are able to choose right and efficient means for their playing

dramatically expand the expression range of their performance


can easily add chords to their favourite melodies in a correct and beautiful way


analyze the form and the contents of complex musical pieces


can play from ear, develop and complete musical themes


become more interesting and versatile artists


consequently are more successful in all competitions and examinations


Who is the teacher?

Our tutor Artem Putilov is:

certified musicologist


licensed teacher for music theory and composition

researcher at the Moscow state institute of art studies

co-author of the renown monograph «History of Russian Music»

general advisor of the biggest music publishing house in Russia


Advantages of the VIVID THEORY online course

suitable for students of all levels, from amateurs to professionals

based on students’ repertoire

knowledge that is 100% applicable in the performance

small groups of 4-6 people

no boring rules, but creative tasks and vivid explanations

videos explaining topics prior to every lesson

recordings of the lessons for future use

flexible time management

professional groups: designed for preparation to the exams in any European conservatory

amateur groups: built to increase the musical perception and knowledge

based on famous Russian and German schools of music theory and analysis

new groups starting every month

studying in any convenient location with an internet connection

accessibility for students with restricted mobility


  • Terms and conditions


    Course Dates: March 24th – May 26th, 2018

                              New groups starting every month

    Number of Lessons: 8

    Schedule: Saturdays

    Professor: Artem Putilov

    Price per Course (8 Lessons): 400 Euro

    Platform: multi (Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android are supported)

    Technical Requirements: a stable high speed internet connection, a PC/Mac/Tablet

    Language: English / Russian

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