Our Academy Classica Viva is a unique place where we help talented pianists in many aspects of their professional development. It takes place several times a year in different cities.

We address questions which pianists are not normally confronted with in their study years. These questions arise in real concert situations when young musicians go on stage, when they wish to perform in public or when they participate in competitions. Our courses give students an intense impulse to develop and extend their musical perception.

Individual piano lessons always remain as a basis. What makes each edition of the Classica Viva unique are a variable range of courses and workshops, from overcoming stage fright to improvisation, insights into conducting or ensemble work. Each class is a continuation of the others, so that the repertoire of the students is worked out very intensively on many levels – pianistic, theoretical, scenic. This allows to understand music much deeper and to make a huge step forward during a short time. Find out more about our different courses below.




6th Classica Viva Music Academy

Toscana, Italy

August 9th – 19th, 2018

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Previous editions:


5th Classica Viva Music Academy

Bucharest, January 31st – February 10th, 2018


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