Following many requests from students from different countries we opened for you online webinars!

These are aiming to help you with many questions related to your professional formation. If you have technical or psychological problems, or would like to get some advices on building a repertoire suitable for competitions or concerts, or to choose a competition that is right for you, or if you are looking for a proper music institution to enter – there is a dedicated webinar that helps to address most of your questions.

Our webinars are given personally by the winners of over 20 international competitions Maria Masycheva and Georgy Gromov. The rely on their experience as former competitors, actual performing artists that gave over 400 recitals and concerts with orchestras, jury members of many international competitions, and teachers with 18-years experience.

Most of our webinars are free and accessible from any country. The only two things you need is an internet connection and a wish to grow professionally.

Better informed = better prepared!

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Free webinar

“10 useful tips on successful preparation

for a music competition”

In this free webinar, the winners of more than 20 international competitions (including the Marguerite Long – Jacques Thibaud, R. Schumann, E. Grieg, Geneva, Sendai and Seoul competitions), jury members and teachers with over 18 years of work experience Maria Masycheva and Georgy Gromov will tell you about the major problems that you’ll face preparing for a contest, and show you the ways to overcome those difficulties.

⇒ how to choose a competition that is right for you

⇒ how to build a repertoire for a competition

⇒ how to avoid common mistakes that lead to fails

⇒ how to compose a perfect program for several rounds

⇒ how to prepare yourself mentally

⇒ how to manage your time during the preparation

⇒ how to plan your schedule on the day of performance

⇒ how the jury votes

⇒ what the jury takes into consideration

⇒ what is the difference between a competition program and a recital program


You will get loads of useful information, a step-by-step action plan and recommendations concerning your repertoire.

You can ask your questions live, Maria and Georgy will answer each of you!

To take part in the seminar, just fill in the form below. You will receive a letter of confirmation with a link to the webinar room, where the workshop is going to take place.

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