Thanks to support of our friends we could create these cultural projects. Their ideas, optimism and believe in the Interconnect give us strength and energy to follow our dreams and keep on developing our work.


Peter Freudenreich

freudenreichPeter Freudenreich – interior designer and a truly music lover with great knowledge in classical music, supports us from the very beginning. Since 2010 he also helps with video and photo documentation at the Piano Salon Christophori in Berlin. His photo portraits of musicians are loved by many people for their sincerity and touching.

Elena Petrenco

petrenco1Piano teacher Elena Petrenco has a reputation of one of the best piano teachers for children and teenagers in Romania. She was one of the first musicians who open bounds of the musical world in Romania. Thanks to her passion and professionalism she raised many winners of international piano competitions. She represents the Classica Viva Academy in Bucharest.


The Embassy of Russian Federation

GerbThe Embassy of Russian Federation in Berlin supports the Interconnect by organizing special events and concerts for our projects. The cultural attaché Mr. Sergey Maguta helps us to be connected with Russian audience and to deliver great Russian culture and music to other people.


Kawai logo kleinThe famous piano company Kawai presented in Romania by Gabriela Saidufis gives us priceless help in organizing the Classica Viva Piano Academy in Bucharest. Energy and enthusiasm of Mrs. Saidufis are very appreciated by all clients of Kawai. Our long-term partnership includes projects that develop classical music and culture in Romania.


Piano Salon Christophori

christophoriThe Piano Salon Christophori founded by Christoph Schreiber in 2004 already became well-known internationally. In 2014, the Wall Street Journal wrote on its front page: «Forget the Philharmony, visit the Piano Salon Christophori». This typically Berlin place with wonderful, non-conservative atmosphere, plenty of different pianos and top-class musicians performing there, always attracts many music lovers.


Intuillion logo transparentThe founder of the consulting and software company Intuillion Alex Masychev has many talents in different areas. His skills in languages and writing lead to produce interesting texts in an easy-to-read structure. Thanks to creative approach in every aspect of its work the Intuillion gets excellent reputation and success on the international market.


Valentin Sereda

Valentin Sereda is an outstanding pedagogue of theory of music. He invented a unique system of education that turns a boring theoretical knowledge to a magic, exciting adventure. Based on vivid musical examples, his method allows to involve students into a creative process and let them become an «accomplice» of a composer. Thus, students naturally learn from the real music and get the tools that they can apply in their further professional career. Valentin Sereda’s books and learning aids are very well-known and appreciated all over Russia. The Classica Viva theory course is based on these unique materials.

Important people

important-people-logo-2014The founder and director of the Important people Inventive Studio, photographer Maria Vashkevich is known in Russia for amazingly optimistic and radiant photos. The shooting with her is extremely lively and nice. Sunny and light atmosphere of her photos makes them very special. Maria is a great example of how can work be extremely professional and spontaneous at the same time.